Holidays are meant to be time out from chopping and washing up – and so our cheerful cook, Lesley, comes with the house.  Lesley is known for his fabulously tasty, homely dishes that smack of Asian spices and ingredients.

Breakfast at the Weir House is a choice of western style omelettes or waffles, or Sri Lankan rotis or hoppers. Dinner is usually a three-course meal that blends eastern and western elements. If you wish to stay in for lunch – then Lesley’s classic Sri Lankan rice and curry should not be missed.  We don’t keep tabs on tea, coffee and juice, so feel free to indulge in these beverages throughout the day.

The pantry is well equipped for guest use – so if you are suddenly inhabited by the spirit of your favourite celebrity chef, please feel free to venture in and get some sauces bubbling on the stove.

We believe in supporting the area’s food suppliers, and almost all of our fresh produce is bought at the local market in Gampola.  Many of the vegetables that are served are grown in our home garden, and are freshly collected at the time of meal preparation.

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