We were so excited to have picked our first large-scale pepper crop last month. The clove trees spread around the Weir House gardens also had a great harvest. The perfume of the drying cloves brought to mind memories of rich Christmas cakes and had us all sniffing the air.

The branches of our avocado tree are beginning to droop with the weight of ripening fruit. We have lots of avocado based wraps and sandwiches, guacamole and a traditional Sri Lankan avocado dessert to look forward to in the coming weeks.

We planted a few hundred cinnamon trees two months ago and now we begin the long wait (seven years) for the trees to be ready for their barks to be peeled. The next crop that will be planted is the sweet smelling cardamom. Busy times ahead!

Our garden is looking lush thanks to some much-needed April showers. We’ve planted a new border of ferns along the stairway to the house. Our vegetable garden has been neglected recently with all the attention going to the spice trees. This is now our new project. The promise of fresh vegetables is something to look forward to.

Kandy Perahara

The Weir House is a fabulous location to be based at if you are coming to Sri Lanka for the world famous Kandy (Esala) Perahera. We are away from the maddening crowds that descend on Kandy at that time but close enough for you to attend the festival. The Perahera is a pageant steeped in Buddhist and ancient royal traditions. It is a truly Sri Lankan spectacle, combining brilliant colour, majestic elephants and all forms of entertainment from fire-eaters to frenzied drummers.


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Front View
Front View